Short Screenplays



 The story of a man on a mission to find someone that inspires him to pen stories, and to photograph a character in conflict for a deeper meaning in life and for his publication. He takes his camera, a bottle of vodka and wanders out into the city along the river at night where he comes upon Ivy, an 18 year old. Through the course of their encounter, the discussion turns heated over the gun Ivy holds as insurance to protect him in a volatile world. The script is poetic at moments, entertaining and thought engaging.  



After Hour Film Festival 2019 Official Selection 

VisionFest Screenwriting Competition 2019 Finalist 

New York Cinematography Awards (NYCA) 2020 Semi-Finalist

 Marina del Rey Film Festival 2019 Honorable Mention 2nd place 

The European Independent Film Awards 2019 Selection

Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition 2019 Semi-Finalist

Peachtree Village International Film Festival 2019 Finalist

Five Continents International Film Festival 2019 

1st Place Best Screenplay Short Film 

Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition 2019


San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival 2018 Screenplay Finalist

Awareness Film Festival 2018 Finalist

Grove Film Festival 2018 Top Four Finalist

Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers Celebration 2018 Finalist

Filmatic Screenplay Awards 2018 Honorable Mention

Willy Won't



Willy and his mother June wander Chicago looking at the picture windows in the store fronts, telling stories about what they see, as a distraction from an event that has haunted both. They are hungry, on the edge of being homeless until they meet Alex.  The three bond instantly and together they create an inspired new path. 


LA Under the Stars 2020 Finalist

Paris Play Film Festival 2020 Official Selection

SnowTown Film Festival 2020 Finalist

Marina del Rey Film Festival 2019 Official Selection

Polish International Film Festival 2019 1st Place Best Short Screenplay 

Los Angeles Cinematography AWARDS (LACA) 2020 Finalist 

The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards 2019   Top Five Short Screenplay

Hickory (&me)



The story is set on a front porch of a country home, where a Grandpa tells Hickory, his grandson, about the story of Lightning and the power he has to create a world of his own, when he catches an idea from a lightning bolt. 


The Imaginarium Convention Film Festival 2019 Finalist Short Screenplay 

The Hague Global Cinema Festival 2019

Finalist Screenplay Competition

San Diego International Kid's Film Festival 2019 Finalist

Hyperwave Film Awards Semi-Finalist 2019 Short Screenplay

Cannes Screenplay Contest 2019 Award Winner 

Southeast New England (SENE) Film, Music & Arts Festival 2019 Finalist 

Creation International Film Festival Winter 2019 Winner Best Short Screenplay

Caribbean Sea International Film Festival 2019 

First Place Best Screenplay

Rome Independent Prisma Awards SemiFinalist 2018

Feel The Reel International Film Festival Best Screenplay Finalist 2018 

The Chase (Kookaburra)


 "The Chase" (formerly "Kookaburra") is the story of  (Alex) Edge, a freelance photographer, who places an ad on line for a  model to shoot in the city and in the woods near the lake, for a collection of work he has entitled 'Edging'.   

The two engage in an exchange of image and word, as William discovers a truth that has been a sorrow in the life of this model who is also an immigrant. The encounter is framed in photos that tell a story of the Kookaburra. 


Queen Palm International Film Festival 2020

Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2016 1st Place Short Screenplay

Austin Revolution Film Festival 2016 Finalist

World Series of Screenwriting 2016 Silver Award Short Film Script

Syrian Ocean



"Syrian Ocean" is the story of Alex Rain, a college student at UW sets off on a journey to understand the souls of the Syrian refugees. He comes to Adana Turkey and meets Ocean, a young man on the other side of a fenced in camp. They share absinthe and through the night, learn of each other's world, played out before a backdrop of suffering and hope in the possibility of new life.  



South Carolina Underground Film Festival SC-UFF 2018 Screenplay Finalist 

Low Light Pictures International Screenplay Competition 2018 (Quarter Finals)

Best of the Best 2018 1st Place Short Screenplay

Grove Film Festival 2018 Top Four Finalist 

Reel Time International Online Film 

Festival 2018 Finalist

Creation International Film Festival Autumn 2017 Winner Best Screenplay, Short




"PINE" is a poetic view of a relationship that crosses continents. In the deep south and war torn Iraq an unlikely pairing of two, an American soldier and an Iraqi student exchange themselves in a Utopian cloud while historic opinion penetrates their union.   

HOLD:  Flesh that feels the ecstasy of lover's touch so too can melt easily in flame. Now not as much darkened me that men do seek to take but instead another, almost as dark and of a different land. An ethnicity that does not follow again the parted ways they know. Parted indeed for souls only are allowed one path to light, while others rage in war to stop.  


Colortape International Film Festival 2019 Selection

LALive Film Festival 2018 Best Screenplay nomination.

KinoDrome International Motion Picture & Screenplay Festival 2018 First Place

Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018 Finalist

Columbia Gorge International Film Festival 2015 Finalist

American Gem Short Script and Literary Festival 2016 Semifinalist  

Releasing Soul



“Releasing Soul” –  The story of an older man playing through the important stories of his life with his youthful Soul.  They return to the places and scenes that had the greatest impact on his life, to revisit the lessons learned and frame them before he leaves. 

On the final  evening of his life, he comes upon Red (Meat) the self-indulgent, egotistical, snake charmer who is into all that is of pleasure; and (Valvoline) Blaze a social worker, bleeding heart liberal. This encounter becomes heated and all is  transformed through the process of releasing soul. 

“Through the interactions we have with others, we share our thoughts, emotions and each encounter is a moment of us releasing soul.”  


Austria International Film Festival 2017 1st Place Screenplay Competition

New York Short Film & Screenplay Competition 2017 Finalist

Cain's Collection



Cain, a young street artist who collects pieces of things, from encounters he's had as a homeless boy. He takes each, colors it with oil and makes the broken new again, through his own experience. One night he wishes to make an exit and that is where Alex finds him, alone in an alley covered in white flour.


Mediterranean Film Festival 2019 Finalist Short Screenplay

Switzerland International Film Festival 2018 Finalist Screenplay Competition

The Rise of Rain



Alexander and Fin, partners in art, travel from the edge of a cliff through the woods to a graveyard where they play out a final scene with the beautiful dancer, Clare who is moved by the loss of her lover. Is she able to bring him back through these movements at dusk?  A classic story with an unusual ending.


Social World Film Festival 2019 Semi-Finalist

Austin Under the Stars 2019 Selected Finalist



A documentary of a personal experience from college days at UW Madison, when dreams and friends created experiences that have lasted a life time. 


Changing Face International Film Festival 2019 Finalist Short Script

Muse Me



On an evening in late summer, three characters gather in a random meeting on a beach, near a woods. Through the night, with food and drink, story and elevated emotion, they each discover the meeting was not so random, and the end result offers an escape, when escape was never an option. Field, the misunderstood German, Ash the healing beauty, and Antonio the edgy poet form a bond that allows for deeper truths to prevail.   Originally completed in 2011 for a film that never made it into production.


Burning Love Screenplay Contest 2019  (Part of the Poe Film Festival) Semi-Finalist 

Feature Screenplays

Where I go


"Where I Go" is the story of Samuel White, a young man with an old soul on a quest to discover a truer meaning to his life as he travels into some of the darkness of our society.  At the edge of a wood, the artist James "Carver" Smith, owns land on the river where he isolates Sam in a summer of finality. Sam and his life long friend Sia keep a promise to help each other in that difficult moment of transition. There are playful and humanitarian encounters that color this story with charm and leave behind a haunting and memorable impact from dealings in the subject of each person's right of passage.

SAM:  “Everyone has their own way. That's the theme I've discovered in life. Everyone has their own way and each is entitled to their own view, as long as that view doesn't harm the balance of humanity."

This feature started as a short film that was going to be produced by East Hollywood Productions and as a short script it was selected as a top ten finalist in international screenwriting competition. We decided to grow it into a feature script, tucked tightly inside, we  kept our original story "A Gathering of Me".  We offer a special "Thank You" to the cast we selected for helping us visualize the characters.


Amsterdam Film Festival 2015 Van Gogh Award for Best Feature Film Screenplay

ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival 2015 top five finalist 

LA New Wave International Film Festival 2015 Runner-up

The Indie Gathering 2015 Star Award

Beverly Hills Film Festival 2015 Finalist



Alex a wealthy, wandering poet meets an eighteen year old run away from the Faith Homes of Zion on the streets of Chicago, through the course of an intimate thirty-six hour exchange; their lives become colored with new meaning. 

Alex: There are a few moments in life that shape differently, our soul and character, sometimes even our appearance. Each of us have places inside that we wish were not there, holes, scars from encounters that wounded deep.  We routine our day with chores and task that bury further those wounds, keeping from light and breeze, the air that is needed to heal… completely.


Nevada Film Festival 2010 Grand Prize 1st Place

California Film Awards 2011 Diamond Award
Los Angeles Film Awards II 2010
Beverly Hills Film Festival 2011 Selection
Honolulu Film Awards 2011 Silver Lei Winner
United Film Festival 2011 Finalist
Amsterdam Film Festival 2011 Finalist Van Gogh Award
Ventura Film Festival 2011 Selection
Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival 2011 Finalist Top Six
LA Art-House Film Festival 2011Top Ten
Landlocked Film Festival 2011 Semifinalist
Oaxaca International Independent Film and Video Festival 2011 Finalist
SUNDANCE Table Read My Screenplay
2012 Top 100 Finalist



"TOYED" is a feature screenplay that takes the Santa story to the next level, a more believable one where Brighton Brown, falls from "somewhere up there" on Christmas Eve and lands in Madison, Wisconsin in the mid 1960's. He is found and taken in by the seductive, Cinnamon Baker and her lover Lucky, who live in an apartment above an abandoned shop on State Street.  Together the three discover their own holiday as Brighton reveals the craft of toy making and how each have a twist, "a catch" as Brighton would say. 

The story is written with a view of Christmas in a quaint Midwestern town that is torn by protests and peace rallies, and colored by the simple perfection of the toys of Brighton Brown.


Nice Film Market 2019

Finalist Feature Screenplay 2016 Barebones International Film & Music Festival

MADRID International Film Festival 2016 Best Unproduced Script

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