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Good Story

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Good Story

 The stories I write offer an odd combination of characters in situations and settings that are a bit off path. The spirit and flesh of each come from real places, dark and dirty at times, but all manage to find their way to something new. Through struggle, each find a new idea, concept, or a way to change their paths for the better, making a social statement that provides for more promise and cultural diversity. 


For them...

Through my screenplays, poetic work and film, I hope to leave behind a legacy of creative thought, as a way to improve the conditions of our society for our children and all those who follow...


My Background

I am not the kid out of college that plans to take the world by storm. The path I followed is a bit different than the average Joe in film. I have an education from UW Madison, studied acting, directing and play writing. I was part of an elite Actor's Training Program where through an audition process ten students were selected to be groomed as stage/film actors. I’ve produced my own original drama on stages in the Metro Milwaukee and Madison areas, with a video backdrop that took audiences on site with each performance. I know production, actors, lines, image, music and the proper mood to tell a story.  

Accidentally, I fell in love when I was that kid out of college. We wed, had 2 children and my life took a turn onto a different path than the one I thought I'd be traveling. I put my story telling on hold, went back to school for a business degree and secured a job that provided for our family. I spent many years away from my art, but the desire to tell good story never left. 

I wrote some plays, volumes of poetry and then switched to screenwriting in 2010 when my artistic life came back to me with both kids out on their own. I now have a number of scripts that have won international awards and have also produced three short films, working toward a feature. 

At times, I feel like I am the odd man out, especially when I attend film festivals with much younger filmmakers and screenwriters in attendance. But art is art and story, good story, comes from experience no matter the age of the artist. The abundance of knowledge, emotion and depth of soul that I've gained in all these years is tightly woven into my characters and colors my story with universals that appeal to many. 

I believe I have something substantial in my art, and the recognition I've received from film festivals and competitions, helps motivate me to keep going, until the day I am produced and distributed worldwide.  

Good Story

There is something to be said for recognition through competition. Something connects a story to humanity giving it universal appeal. It is nice to see all of my stories have gained some of that recognition in the sample of laurels above.