The Misplacement



"There once was a George Washington. Oh, he wasn't the regular George we know of as the father of our country, no, he was just a little George who used to be a Christmas Tree decoration, but somehow got misplaced.  And that is where our story begins, sometime after Christmas and durring the misplacement of George Washington. Out far in a deep wood he now sat..."



This film is a personal project I wanted to complete to frame the time I spend with my grandson. It shares a view of the creative development of this 2 1/2 year old and is wrapped up in a story I had written 35 years earlier when my wife and I started our relationship. 

Director of Photography: Bryan Pechacek

Written by: Jeffrey Morin

Music by:  David Beard



Kids First Film Festival 2019

San Diego International Kids' Film Festival 2018

IndieFEST Film Awards 2017 - Award of Recognition

Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2017 - Winner Best Score



 "MONTGOMERY"  is a story of a young man lost in thought and words as he encounters two characters, whose lives change his beliefs and bring him to a place of new thought; June a dancer who captivates him with movement, and Train a man of spirit. 

An original story written by Jeffrey Morin
Photographed and edited by Bryan Pechacek

Randall Cropp as Montgomery
Eldridge Shannon as Train
Elyse Transon as June

International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema LONDON 2016

Inside Dutch

INSIDE DUTCH an experimental film that tells the story of a young man, who has a difficult time filtering fact from fiction. 

Dutch – Kevin Gadzalinski
James - Eric Komans

Written, directed and produced by Jeffrey Morin
Photographed and edited by Bryan Pechacek

Music by David Beard


New York City International Film Festival 2013

In the Palace International Short Film Festival 2013 

Queens World Film Festival 2014